UCNC and its associated workshops will be held at the University of Auckland’s School of Engineering on Symonds Street.

The bus for the Tuesday afternoon excursion will depart from outside the University Library on Alfred Street, around 5 minutes walk away from the venue. Local committee members will guide you there after lunch.

The conference dinner on Thursday night (3rd of September) will be held at Old Government House, around 5-10 minutes walk away from the venue.

The campus map below (which you can download Program here) shows the locations in red.

Building 315 across Symonds Street from the venue has a bank and a pharmacy with postal facilities, as well as a bookshop, a small IT store, and a convenience store. If you’re after University of Auckland memorabilia, there is a well-stocked store in the courtyard between buildings 315, 311, 312, and 313 (marked “i” on the map).

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