Unconventional Computation & Natural Computation 2015

31 Aug – 4 Sep, Auckland, New Zealand


The International Conference on Unconventional Computation and Natural Computation has been a forum where scientists with different backgrounds, yet sharing a common interest in novel forms of computation, human-designed computation inspired by nature, and the computational aspects of processes taking place in nature, meet and present their latest results. Continuing this tradition, the 14th International Conference on Unconventional Computation and Natural Computation will focus on the current important experimental and theoretical results and their critical evaluation.

Papers and poster presentations were sought in all areas that relate to unconventional computation and natural computation. Both theoretical and experimental papers are welcome. Typical, but not exclusive, topics are:

  • Molecular (DNA) computing, quantum computing, optical computing, chaos computing, physarum computing, computation in hyperbolic spaces, collision-based computing;
  • Cellular automata, neural computation, evolutionary computation, swarm intelligence, nature-inspired algorithms, artificial immune systems, artificial life, membrane computing, amorphous computing;
  • Computational systems biology, genetic networks, protein-protein networks, transport networks, synthetic biology, cellular (in vivo) computing.
  • Computations beyond the Turing model and philosophical aspects of computing.

The UCNC Proceedings are now available in book form in the Springer LNCS series.  Also see a Report on UCNC2015 by Susan Stepney.

The first edition of UCNC (formerly called Unconventional Models of Computation and Unconventional Computation) was held at CDMTCS, Auckland, New Zealand in 1998, and the conference logo became the logo of its first host.

Subsequent sites of the conference were Brussels, Belgium in 2000, Kobe, Japan in 2002, Seville, Spain in 2005, York, UK, in 2006, Kingston, Canada in 2007, Vienna, Austria, in 2008, Ponta Delgada, Portugal in 2009, Tokyo, Japan in 2010, Turku, Finland, in 2011, Orleans, France in 2012, Milan, Italy in 2013, and London, Ontario in 2014.